Message for 2022 - Jeffrey Levett


At the start of 2022 we call for a re-imagining of life (a new definition of life), its redefinition of purpose and importance at each and every stage of development, or condition and the development of universal well-being within each and every culture through the prism of ancient Greece whose meaning included a well examined life, wisdom, logic, ethics, personal responsibility and obligation of everyone as is represented in classical philosophy. We also call for greater support of the ECPD, which is unique in its location at the center of the Balkans and its mandate within the framework of the United Nations.  Philosophy is an enlightening agent and a boon to culture; the ECPD is a boon to the Balkans.       

Our goal is to move the world and humanity away from threatening disasters implicit in existential problems and lead it to a brighter future. In this future, we will not only celebrate philosophy and classical ideas every year, but also apply it daily and universally. It should be used by everyone and everywhere on the endangered Earth. In 2022 the ECPD will continue to make a difference reinforcing existing activities, developing new ones and discussing new ideas.

The ECPD is a strong supporter of the United Nations (UN) which has done incredible things for the world of women, children, education, and health for all and a society for all ages, for sustainable development and to promote a culture of peace. The concept and implementation of the UN's human security framework which aimed at protecting civilians from the mercy or actions of their own governments is more urgently needed than ever; defending human rights and ensuring world peace demand continual reinforcement. The United Nations has power enough to stand fast before the powerful, sufficient intelligence, knowhow and experience to lead with inspiration and has a surge capacity to call on tremendous expertise. It must make waves to make a difference, act big and act now to retain relevance. It has yet to invest in classical philosophers. Tracking the origin of COVID a philosopher could be as useful as a chaplain on the battle field. In the international community it is far easier to meet business people and listen to business model discussions than to find a classic philosopher or to hear conversations about global citizenship. Caution must be thrown to the wind! And with the Security Council.

The importance of philosophy was once recognized as it deserves in the United Nations by Ban K’moon, predecessor to António Guterres. Ban K’moon’s heritage and as an aristocrat of the earth can be retained if global citizenship and classical philosophy are placed again on the international agenda. António Guterres has now to rise above his own low profile and act in keeping with his own rhetoric namely his reference to the abyss on which the world is poised that moves in the wrong direction and his moral indictment of such a state of our world. In our recent appeal made on behalf of youth we have asked for his support of philosophy. With Ban K’moon the application of philosophy to world affairs came close to application, as close as the Doomsday clock comes to midnight, today.


At this moment in history the current number of conflicts on multiple levels and between many actors rise and the symbolic doomsday clock ticks louder. This month the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists will reset the clock.


In agreement with its mission the ECPD strives to implement a culture for peace and appropriate development as the only route for humanity in the Balkans and worldwide and emphasizes a catalytic role for philosophy and the need to push the hand of the Doomsday clock back.







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