The European Center for Peace and Development University for Peace established by the United Nations, in the framework of the ECPD International Program of Transfer of Knowledge System, in cooperation with the University of Kragujevac, organizes




(Vrnjačka Banja, 4 – 5 May 2018)


We have the pleasure to invite you to participate in the ECPD Education Seminar, which represents a synthesis of contemporary achievements in phytotherapy, through a multidisciplinary and holistic approach from the aspect of social medicine, traditional nutrition, phytopharmacy, pharmacognosis, clinical branches of medicine, food processing technologies and nutrition, nutritionism, and diet respectively, with a view to improving quality of life. In the framework of the Seminar, a program of continuing medical education for medical doctors, othodontists, pharmacists and medical nurses.

The Director of the CME Course is Prof. Dr. Snežana Cupara, Faculty of Medical Sciences University of Kragujevac, and the Coordinators of the Seminar are Prof. Dr. Anđelka Lazarević, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences in Belgrade and Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jakovljević, Vice-Dean for Education in Integrative Academic Studies in Pharmacy and Continuing Medical Education at the University of Kragujevac.

In the course of the Seminar participants will have the opportunity to gain knowledge on the latest achievements in the field of medicinal plants and their application, practices in pharmacy, medicine, phytotherapy and aromatherapy, as well as cosmetology.



The following thematic fields are included in the Program:

1.             Self-seeding and grown medicinal herbs  – basis for pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

·                Self-seeding (wild) medicinal herbs– standards for harvesting and protection of plant species

·                Grown medicinal plants – preparation and principles of planting

2.             Principles of Phytotherapy

·                Significance of medicinal plants in health protection of the popullation

·                Principles and history of Phytotherapy

·                Plant-based drugs and review of active matter

·                Principles of Phytotherapy and rational phytotherapy

·                Plant preparations (herbal drugs, extracts, essential oils)

·                Pharmaceutical forms of plant preparations: solution (herbal drops, tonic, syrup), semi-solid forms (gel, cream, ointment) and solid forms (instant tea, tablets, capsules)

3.             Principles of Aromatherapy

·                Introduction to the history of Aromatherapy

·                Principles of essential oil production

·                Refining and quality of essential oils

·                Application methods

·                Profile of the most common essential oils

4.             Activities of the Institute for Medicinal Plant Research Dr Josif Pančić

5.             Preventive and anti-ageing phytotherapy

6.             Phytotherapy in oncological, cerebrovascular and other diseases

7.             Medicinal plants in Microbiotics and Homeotherapy



ECPD will provide participants of the Seminar with appropriate literature and teaching materials to help them follow the lectures effectively, and study the teaching materials after the Seminar, along with authorized lecturer's texts.

Participants who have successfully completed the Seminar will obtain an internationally valid Certificate of the European Center for Peace and Development of the University for Peace established by the United Nations and University of Kragujevac.


Application Form and Participation Fee

The participation fee for the Seminar is EUR 150.

Application should be sent to: European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD) University for Peace, Terazije 41, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia; Tel: +381 11 3246 041; Fax: +381 11 3240 673; E-mail: ecpd@Eunet.rs and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; www.ecpd.org.rs

In order to enable participants to master the lectures successfully, ECPD will provide simultaneous translation.





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