With regard to the incorrect information published in the media and unfoundedly questioning the status and academic programmes, as well as research activities and diplomas issued by the European Center for Peace and Development United Nations University for Peace, we inform that:

The United Nations University for Peace was founded in 1980 by UN General Assembly Resolution No35/55 as an “international institution of higher education”. The international regional centre of the UN University for Peace –European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) with the headquarters in Belgrade, was founded by Resolution UP-C 2/19 and the International Agreement between SFR Yugoslavia and the UN University for Peace, signed on 22 October 1984. The Agreement was ratified in the Assembly of SFR Yugoslavia (“The Law Gazette of SFRY” 9/85 as of 26 July 1985) as the highest legislative body of the host country and passed agreements at all levels of the governments and parliaments of the republics and provinces, thus becoming lex specialis and as such has an international validity and has been continuously implemented ever since. The Agreement is registered in the United Nations Secretariat.

The Agreement defines the mandate of the ECPD UN University for Peace to “organize postgraduate studies at all levels, scientific research and international conferences to enhance peace, development and international cooperation”. Since its establishment, the ECPD has uninterruptedly organized postgraduate and doctoral studies, conducted scientific research and issued internationally recognized diplomas and has never organized undergraduate studies in any country. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia as the host country has confirmed in its notes dated 16/11/1999 and 17/03/2014 recognition of the diplomas issued by the ECPD without the need to apply the process of equivalence or national validation.

All academic programmes of the University for Peace are under continuous supervision and validation of the International Academic Council with membership of prominent world scientists.

Part of the inaccurate announcements published in the media refers to organization of studies in the City of Pula in 2012, 2013 and 2014. An ECPD international expert team developed a study and a project based on prior research which showed the growing need for further education of health care workers in the Istria Region, while the studies for nurses, physiotherapists and other health care profiles were conducted based on academic programmes of universities from: Finland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia (University of Kragujevac). Some media conveyed unverified information that "the studies were conducted based on the ECPD curricula", which is false information, because the ECPD is organising and conducting, according to its own mandate, only post-graduate academic study programmes. The respective study programmes were conducted based on the academic curricula of the above-mentioned universities, including the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Kragujevac (for the “Nursing Programme“). The University of Kragujevac was involved in the third, final year of the applied sciences study programme, while organising the teaching process based on its own curricula and syllabi, with participation of its faculty members, and finally issued its diplomas to students. The ECPD Regional Centre for Post-Graduate Studies and Developmental Research in Pula, together with local partners, provided logistical, organization, administrative and local staff support, provided premises, equipment and ensured ability for conducted practical clinical classes at local and regional health institutions as supporters of the academic programme.

The ECPD will not comment the statements resulting from any internal disputes at the University of Kragujevac, but certainly expects an urgent correction of incorrect information which was published in the web portals and other media in Serbia.

All relevant documents related to the status, character and mandate of the ECPD UN University for Peace can be made available to any interested institutions. We note with regrets that none of the media outlets, save for the daily paper “Politika“ has so far approached the ECPD for more detailed information or comments regarding this case. with regard to the above information.



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