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Tenth Global Youth Forum

Belgrade, October 22-23, 2022


Puisque ce papier est vide

Pourquoi ne pas y écrire un mot?

Victor Hugo


Skadarlija, ona more in the night

Warmly receives us and that is right!

History and poetry, music and singing

Vidovdan, o sole mio is our cheering!


Belgrade, heart of the Balkan region

Pride of Serbia, pillar of its reason

International forum for lovely youth

Wisely thinking on its future: it’good!


And definitively I am so lucky man

To have such great students on the minivan

Nice, curious and wishing to share

It was a pleasure I will always care.


Stefano Pilotto





Challenge to ECPD Youth Forum Participants, 

Belgrade & Novi Sad


For the 7th ECPD Youth Forum, Belgrade and Novi Sad my challenge to participants is either to write a poem in the tradition of a lamentation written in ancient Nineveh or to draw a sketch-cartoon that portrays-depicts the current status of the world. The aim of poem or sketch is to release youthful imagination-creativity. A reflective lamentation from Nineveh describes the sinking of a ship following an eclipse. The ship brought bread but it also brought suffering. It had a captain full of heart and soul but after the shipwreck he had no more power. One Forum came in the wake of a rare solar eclipse, which darkened a large part of the earth. We also saw a symbolic rising moon of Youth, heralding a new dawn.  Belgrade is a likely and lively place for verse and mirth. The Belgrade poem can focus on man’s accumulated knowledge, which now far outstrips his understanding of reality. Controlling this asymmetry can only be achieved with the crucial help of youth. Reducing the ongoing active destruction of man’s habitat and his planet Earth can be the basis for a creative sketch.

Jeffrey Levett




Evropski centar za mir i razvoj Univerziteta za mir Ujedinjenih nacija (ECPD) obaveštava da će se javna odbrana doktorske disertacije Saše Stefanoskog pod naslovom „Challenges of Public–Private Partnership Projects in the Health System of the Republic of North Macedonia“ održati 18. juna 2024. u 15:30 u ECPD, Beograd, Terazije 41.


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