Mixed Marriages as a Bridge to Interculturality in South East Europe

ECPD International Workshop on "Mixed Marriages as a Bridge to Interculturality in South East Europe",
Belgrade, 1 – 2 March, 2002

The Workshop was held in Belgrade, March 1 - 2, 2002 It was organized and held as part of the ECPD Research and Educational Project "The Balkans in the 21st Century - The Ways Leading to the Improvement of Peace, Development and Stability", in cooperation with, and financially supported by the Federal Academy of Public Administration, Vienna, Austria. The main objectives of the Workshop were: 

·         to bring together the main potential participants in project realization and give them the opportunity to establish interpersonal and professional relations at the conference;

·         to portray the regional and local (national) situation concerning the degree of frequency of mixed marriages in each particular country, and

·         to provoke critical discussion on the structure and dynamics of the project development.

The Workshop, which lasted two full days, was attended by 11 participants from 7 South - East European countries: Bosnia & Herzegovina (three participants), Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and FR of Yugoslavia, representatives of VAB International, Vienna, Austria, and representatives from the University of  Belgrade and ECPD. The Project Director and the organizer of this meeting was Dr. Vesna Vučinić - Nešković, a highly professional and enthusiastic anthropologist from the University of Belgrade.


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