Faith, Philosophy and the ECPD – Breaking News 21.09.2021.


Faith, Philosophy and the ECPD – Breaking News


ECPD’s new Alliance with Asia is embedded in its project entitled Eurasian Bridges for Peace and will be officially inaugurated in Kuala Lumpur on World Philosophy Day 2022. It will be conducted Dr. Halo-N, ECPD Outreach Professor together with Professor Jeffrey Levett, an academician of long standing in the ECPD and its Executive Director, Professor Negoslav Ostojic. It is supported by ECPD’s President Federico Mayor, former Director General, UNESCO. It was conceived in Athens, made possible in Belgrade and brought to fruition in Kuala Lumpur.


Within the alliance a diploma in Islamic Philosophy will begin in Malaysia in October, 2021 in line with the ECPD’s academic year under the leadership of Dr. Halo-N who is widely referred to as Badiúzzaman, and a recipient of the Gusi Peace Prize. He is the founder of the socially responsive Gual Periok Foundation which has provided street lighting in the Village of Gual Periok, Kelantan, Malaysia and recently launched the ongoing project Reduction of poverty, mind and body.


The new teaching component will utilize teaching materials already highly developed by Dr. Halo-N. It includes a set of six volumes in Al Fathun Nawa. As Secretary General of the World Philosophical Forum Dr. Halo-N is a fervent supporter of UNESCO and its processes of healing and restoring by embracing civic education, education for peace and cultural diversity. This educational activity is an extension of ECPD’s two decades of activities in inter-ethnic reconciliation, religious tolerance and human security in the Balkans. One precursor was philosophy of the mind. The aim of the alliance is to expand global dialogue between Christianity and Islam as promoted by ECPD’s late Idriss Jazairy.


ECPD’s new alliance Eurasian Bridges for Peace falls within its mission of peace and development and builds on its considerable Balkan and international experience and its relationship with the World Philosophical Forum of which Dr. Halo-N is Secretary General. All three involved institutions see the need to transpose the dynamics of philosophy from its current scholastic base to a more practical and indispensable instrument within the cultural backdrop of each people and promote human rights within a universal culture of peace.


Jeffrey Levett of the ECPD in Malaysia, Eurasian Bridges for Peace, World Philosophy Day and with business managment students in Kuala Lumpur for the elaboration of a strategy for peace.




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